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About Us : How We Work

How We Work

"Peer-to-peer" (or "social") lending is, in its broadest sense, the name given to a certain breed of financial transaction (primarily lending & borrowing) which occurs directly between individuals without the intermediation / participation of a traditional financial institution.

In recent years, "P2P" transactions has gained momentum and fueled countless business successes. Multiple online sites offer a range of financial products, including debt consolidation, home improvement, small business loans, microloans to poor regions, etc. By 2012, the P2P trend is forecast to reach $1 billion in transactions.

Venture capital (also known as VC) is a type of private equity capital typically provided for early-stage, high-potential, growth companies in the interest of generating an eventual return on investment.

Venture capital is estimated to be a $40+ billion per year industry. Most VC funding is in the $1-10 million range and comes primarily from venture capital funds or "angel" investors.

  • MicroVenture Marketplace also allows individual investors to participate in funding startups in which they otherwise never would have the opportunity to participate.
  • No other firm combines peer-to-peer lending with the venture capital aspect enabling the individual investor early access to private opportunities.