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Invest in Startups through your IRA

Learn how to invest in startups through your self directed IRA.

VC/Angel Blogs to Follow

6 VC/Angel Blogs Every Entrepreneur and Investor Should Read

The E-Myth and Startups

3 Ways To Bring Order To Your Business

Increase Your Financial IQ

Improve Your Financial Intelligence In 30 Minutes A Day

Lessons from Israeli Startups

What U.S. Startups Can Learn from Israel “The Startup Nation”

Q2 2012 was the Largest for VCs Since 2001

Q2 2012 Proves To Be U.S. Venture Capital’s Biggest Quarter Since 2001

How To Pitch VCs

How To Pitch VCs: A Blueprint for Success

Why Startups Should Blog

5 Reasons Why Startups Should Blog

How the Top VCs Think

A Brief Look Inside the Minds of Some of the Top VCs in the Business

SEC Misses First JOBS Act Deadline: Will They Meet End of Year Deadline?

The House gave overwhelming approval of the JOBS Act in a 380-41 vote on March 27 and was signed by President Obama on April 5

How 25 Startups got their start - Book Review

Have you ever wondered how Chipotle Mexican Grill got started? How about Coke, Twitter or Zynga?...

Crowdfunding changes

The crowdfunding bill was recently passed and it is going to change the way startups raise money in the future...

500 Startups Demo day review

I just got back from the 500 Startups demo day and saw 34 great companies that have some exciting new technology and ideas. Here is a brief...

How successful Angel Investors Invest

If you think you have what it takes to invest in startups and are ready to make your first investment, but unsure of where to put down your first seed investment...

9 people to follow on Twitter if you invest in Startups

When I wanted to learn about becoming an Angel Investor a few years ago I started reading everything that I could about the industry.  My goal was to learn from the best VC’s...

Wildfires and Social Networks

Last week was my first experience with an emergency where social networks provided accurate information a lot quicker than the local news could provide any news...

Selling Investors: Pitching Tips from Flybridge Capital's Jeffrey Bussgang

Entrepreneurs put a lot of energy into finding investors who might fund their business. But many aren't really ready with a solid pitch when they finally get in front of investors

In These Tough Times, The Lean Operator Gets the Funding

Time was, entrepreneurs approached private funders with little more than a gleam of an idea. The funders gave them money to go create a prototype...

Positive Sign for Investors: Time to Liquidity Gets Shorter

There's a lot of excitement in making a funding deal. It's easy to get caught up...

The advantages—and perils—of friends and family money.

In a time when bank loans are hard to come by for many startups, borrowing from friends and family...

Get $100 back on your first investment immediately

If you fill out the questionnaire in the next 30 days and are approved as a sophisticated or accredited investor we will give you 5%...

Good Deal Flow Leads to Good Investments

I read with interest recently a couple of blog posts by NextView Ventures Rob Go about deal flow in investing. Go likens investing to a...

What Private-Equity Investors Should Look for in a Pitch

It's easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm of a bright young entrepreneur making a funding pitch. But smart private-equity investors look beyond...

Why use our service to list your business

I have been in the small business credit risk industry for the last 10 years and I have seen small business lines of credit dry up over the past 3+ years...

Why become an investor on Microventures?

One of the main reasons I created this platform was because I wanted visibility to private placement deals, but there was no place for me to gain access...

Welcome to our site

Welcome to our site. Today we launched the full site which gives investors the ability to invest in great businesses that need funding and at the same time, gives businesses the opportunity...


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Invest in Startups through your IRA
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VC/Angel Blogs to Follow
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The E-Myth and Startups
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